Elder Incubator

Incubation of New Tech Ideas. Our Incubator is all about making ideas a reality and providing the support to do so.

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It started for a couple of good reasons. As a committed tech company which delivers successful software projects for clients – alongside developing our own software products – we also recognise that there is an aspirational gap for incubating new ideas.

With a desire to leverage our internal knowledge, we opened up Incubator to give our people space and support to bring their own conceptual ideas into the next stage. Turning them from an idea into something more. Through this, we create partnerships between our talented developers with great ideas and the financial and technical capacity of Elder.

In setting up Incubator, we combined our eager desire to support others and to see the benefits and magic that our own team could create for themselves, the company, and also our clients. It has been an enriching part of our experience and growth over the past near-decade and adds to the formidable strength behind Elder Studios.


After the success this concept has brought internally, we now support our clients, old and new, by helping to support and deliver on their ideas from start to finish. As each project we work on is bespoke, requirements differ. We can provide the technical experts to deliver the idea, or even provide up to 1/3 of the financial investment required for those who need it. Innovation and seemingly simple ideas can elevate entrepreneurs, or give a large scale organisation the competitive advantage they need in a saturated market. 

Get in touch with your idea, however big or small, and we’ll let you know how we can help.